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Our AI-enabled Turnkey Translation/Interpretation Process

Every translation brief passes through three steps:

  • Your Brief
  • AI enabled translation, editing by a native expert translator
  • Localised access to your audience

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Live conference Interpretation

  • Real-time translation of in-person and virtual conference in multiple languages

Contextual Document Translation

  • Translate books and documents fast and accurately in multiple languages

Dubbing and Voiceovers

  • Text to speech and speech to text interpretation, subtitling, transcriptions. Get professional voice over with a unique blend of local accent guaranteed.

Application and Website Localization

  • Open up to new markets by seamlessly creating, launching, and optimizing multilingual applications and websites


Centre for the Digitization of Indigenous African Languages (CDIAL) is an African cloud-based software organization headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. CDIAL is researching, standardizing, and providing digital inclusion via Indigenous African languages.

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