We Just launched

Five months ago, we officially launched the Centre for the Digitization of African Languages and held our first-panel session, where we discussed the need to localize digital content and digitize local content.

Thus far, it has been an exciting journey with some successes. With our smart AI-enabled turn-key translation coupled with the use of human expert interpreters, we have localized books and websites. We are gradually shattering the age-long language barrier of disseminating information in a multilingual country like Nigeria by reaching over 6000 people in five languages. Most recently, our solution emerged as the winner of the Lagos State Innovation Challenge and shortly after launched our Tribe.

The Tribe is a community of African native language speakers, learners, teachers and enthusiasts who want to play a proactive role in digitizing African languages and ensuring the inclusion of African languages in the tech ecosystem.

Our world today is undeniably digital, from social media to GPS systems to Artificial intelligence. African languages are not duly recognised in the cities, government and schools, except in rural communities, because we lack a digital footprint. This is why we need all hands on deck to preserve our language through digital inclusion.

Being a member of the Tribe means that you will;

·   Translate some cool words and learn new ones

·   Be the first to know and use our tech innovative solutions

·   Get premium access to discounts for our product and services

  …All while playing an essential role in preserving our heritage.

The Tribe is live, and we can’t wait to have you. Help us ensure that our languages do not go extinct. Register now and join our Tribe

Join the movers and shapers of culture championing the inclusion of African languages in  the tech ecosystem. At CDIAL, We remain committed to leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to ensure 1 Billion Africans can learn, create, trade, receive policy, solve historical/future challenges using their local languages, and participate in the global tech ecosystem.

Are you Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Zulu? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! We have set up different telegram channels to suit every language preference.

Click below to join your preferred language channel

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