Indigenius Hubs: Facilitating Multilingual Education and Dignifying Jobs Through AI Technology

We’re thrilled to share with you the latest update from CDIAL.AI's groundbreaking initiative, the Indigenius Hubs. These hubs represent a significant leap forward in our mission to bridge the digital divide and empower communities through technology, with a particular emphasis on education and job creation 

What Are Indigenius Hubs? 

The Indigenius Hubs are collaborative spaces established in partnership with local organizations and communities across Nigeria and Africa. These hubs serve as dynamic centers for AI research, education, and empowerment, focusing on addressing the digital literacy gap and promoting education in local languages. 

Indigenius Hub in Action 

Watch as we take you on a virtual tour of an Indigenius Hub in Ajegunle, Lagos, showcasing our efforts to provide technology access and digital literacy training to children and adults. 

Our Vision for Education 

Through the Indigenius Hubs, we aim to revolutionize education by providing access to multilingual education, promoting digital literacy, and knowledge of generative AI. By incorporating a multilingual framework, we strive to create inclusive learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of each community.

Creating Dignifying Jobs through Data Annotation at Indigenius Hubs At the Indigenius Hubs in Ajegunle, we are not just providing access to technology and digital literacy training; we are also creating dignifying job opportunities through data annotation. By engaging adults from the community in the annotation of data sets, we are empowering them with valuable skills and offering them a source of income. Through this process, individuals are able to contribute meaningfully to the development of AI technologies while also improving their own economic prospects. This initiative not only addresses the digital divide but also fosters economic empowerment and dignity within the community. 

Empowering Communities Through Technology 

With access to computers, internet connectivity, renewable energy and tailored training programs, individuals in underserved communities can acquire essential digital skills and leverage technology for personal and professional growth. Moreover, by fostering

collaboration between local stakeholders, including educators, policymakers, and community leaders, we are collectively addressing the challenges facing education and technology adoption. 

Join us in our mission to transform education and empower communities through AI technology. Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive and equitable world. 

Stay tuned for more updates from Indigenius as we continue our journey towards building AI technology that speaks African languages. 

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