Ímē ímé obodo dijitalụ, Ímē dijitalụ ime obodo

A kpapụrụ ndị Afrịka n’ihe gbasara dijitalụ

22% ndị mba Afrịka nwere ohere ịntaneetị mana ha ahụtanwughị akọrọngwa/ozi ekwentị n’asụsụ ha ga

Leadership Team

Yinka Iyinolakan


Shona Olalere

Onye nchọpụta, Ndu, Atụmatụ na Nsonye

The Vision

Empowering 1 billion Africans through AI-enabled multilingual information systems for inclusive education, healthcare and trade


To develop inclusive Ai-powered tools to educate, bridge gaps and unlock economic potential for Africans using indigenous languages

Founding Story

CDIAL was founded to address the pressing need for datasets, accessible tools and content in indigenous African languages. Despite the growing number of people with internet access, a significant portion of the population is still unable to access mobile apps and information in their own language, limiting their opportunities to learn, create, acquire skills, and trade. This has led to widespread poverty and marginalization. Existing solutions have fallen short, so our team of experts continue to conduct extensive research, data analysis and feedback session to create and fine-tune inclusive smart solutions and devices that cater to the needs of both the Nigerian and African markets


We leverage collective intelligence to crowdsource datasets in order to build and improve natural language processing models that support low resourced languages.


Indigenius is a trailblazing ecosystem dedicated to transforming linguistic diversity and accessibility for Africans across various domains. Our offerings span hardware, mobile applications, chatbots, and enterprise software, all designed with a profound commitment to empowering languages and bridging communication gaps.

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